Since 02/2017 I am an associated fellow at the Zukunftskolleg Konstanz. In the framework of the Zukunftskollegs mentorship program I work on the challenges of conative conflict together with Jimmy Lenman (Sheffield).

We recently (21 July 2017) held a small workshop on Jimmy's new book in the making, The Possibility of Moral Community, at the University of Konstanz.

Workshop with Jimmy Lenman (21 July 2017)

I am working on a paper in which I try to develop a new argument for the grounding role of pro attitudes for normative facts. The basic idea is to draw on empirical, anthropological findings regarding the development of practical deliberation - and argue from there that the reasons we appeal to in deliberation must be (partly) constituted by our pro attitudes.

As a Post-Doc, my focus has shifted from normativity to moral philosophy, anthropology, and moral psychology. I am interested in the role of emotions in morality, the nature of moral deliberation, and the question of whether moral properties are response-dependent. I like to approach these topics from an anthropologically and empirically informed direction.

In my dissertation, I investigate the grounds of oughtness or normativity. I discuss four different objectivist and subjectivist theories in order to, ultimately, develop and defend a desire-based, Humean theory that mainly builds on the works of Mark Schroeder and Peter Stemmer.